Music School

Music School

Mae Collard School of Music
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  • information about the TLC Womens choir
  • information about the TLC Womens choir

The Mae Collard School of Music is run by your experienced voice and piano teacher Mae. Mae Collard is the lead vocalist of the Mae Collard Trio and has had extensive teaching experience for over ten years. She has taught at various schools, teaching classroom music (including VCE Music), directing choirs, music directing productions as well as teaching specialist voice and piano lessons.

Mae is highly qualified. She studied at Melbourne University and Monash University aquiring a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Performance Arts and Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching. Mae has a current Victorian Institute of Teaching Registration, Working with Children Check and has completed her Estill Voice Levels 1 and 2 vocal training certificate.

The Mae Collard School of Music nurtures a love of music and develops skilled musicianship for all ages. Music tuition programs are tailored to suit all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

Mae Collard School of Music teaching programs include:

  • Piano, music theory and vocal lessons for children (4 years and above)
  • Vocal lessons for adults (beginner to advanced, specialising in jazz, music theatre and pop voice with influence from the voice training method Estill)
  • Vocal lessons focusing on preparation for performances, auditions, exams and VCE performances
  • VCE vocal lessons for VCE vocal students
  • AMEB vocal and piano lessons
  • Piano lessons for beginner to intermediate adults including music theory
  • TLC Women's Choir- Choral sessions focusing on vocal training, socialising, relaxation and meditation

Mae tailors lessons to suit each students learning styles and individual needs and goals. Young students benefit from diverse, nurturing and engaging lessons with a focus on musicianship including; performance practice, vocal skills, piano skills and music theory written work and games, making her young music student lessons stand out from the rest.

Adult and teenage vocal lessons focus on vocal health and how to use your voice with accuracy and ease as well as performance skills and mastery, while piano lessons focus on various ways to interpret pieces of music learning various piano playing styles and techniques. 

Mae teaches piano, music theory and singing with a special interest in the voice; exploring how the voice works and singing with ease, joy and vocal health. Mae believes the Estill voice training method (that has highly infludenced her vocal teaching) provides a tangible way to access learning the voice for all students. The focus of this training is on the muscles we use and how the voice works.

Mae prides herself on delivering quality music lessons and is passionate in creating an enjoyable, joyful and encouraging space to develop voice skills, piano skills and musicianship influenced by Estill voice training methods.

To enquire about lessons or to book a trial please contact Mae through the contact form below.